Having founded and started a few companies myself, I know which factors contribute to the success and failure of profitability. As a result, I recommend that business owners develop a plan to market and sell their way to success.  As you become a better partner and resource for your existing customers, clients, and prospects, you open the door to delivering a superior customer experience.

To create a better customer experience, I personally implement the following seven action items. When executed, these items will enhance any opportunity for sales and profit, both short term and in the long run.

1. Over Communicate

Start by having multiple, enthusiastic, engaging and positive contact with customers and prospects. Taking this step helps keep your business relevant and top-of-mind with your customer. You will either get more business now, or be first in mind when they decide to purchase.

2. Create Experiences

Go beyond presentations and move toward consultative selling. When you serve customers keeping their needs in mind, you create experiences they appreciate and remember.

3. Get a Mascot

It still works. Disney went above in beyond in developing characters that personify its brand. Geico Insurance uses a gecko. Pillsbury has the Doughboy. Find a way to identify and market your organization with a celebrity, mascot, or small friend. Or create your own icon.

4. Beware of Common Sense

Color outside of the lines. Breakthroughs require you to question commonly held biases to find new opportunity.

5. Avoid Perfection

Good beats perfect. At some point, you must determine that your product or service is ready for the market. Put it out there and make improvements along the way.

6. Don’t Correct Weaknesses

Determine what your one or two major strengths are, and build on that. Trying to correct weaknesses can be a long and fruitless process

7. Don’t Undervalue Your Offer

If you make buying your product or service about price, you risk commoditizing your services. This can create a negative customer relationship that ultimately determines your success or failure.

Another powerful lesson I’ve learned is that online interaction enhances offline marketing. High touch and face-to-face business building requires more frequent, personalized communication. This can include interaction via email and social media as well as by telephone and direct mail. Effective communication is the key to delivering a superior customer experience.

Ron Hequet Consultant Speaker Coach

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