Questions and Answers About Ron’s Presentations…

The Decision Maker and the meeting coordinating staff have a tremendous assignment. You need to hire the right presenter, who is willing to, and has the skill to adapt the message or training to the needs of the client, and not break the bank.

Ron Hequet is that presenter!

present3_smallRon’s responsibility is to assist the client in presenting a program that achieves the desire objectives.

Ron’s value to your group is that his expertise comes from real world practice. Ron is one of those who can say “…been there, done that…” and mean it. He has consulted with more than 100 businesses for over 14 years – many of which face the same challenges of your organization. When Ron is hired, he will deliver applicable performance know-how to the audience. He achieves this by becoming part of your team; by obtaining information from the client that assists him in making your program a success. Ron will also be pleased to converse with several individuals of the client’s choice for backdrop substance. 

Presentation Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Ron’s presentation?
However long you need it to be; from 18 minutes to four hours, and on multiple days. Ron can also present seminars and break-out sessions during the same day.
What size audience is Ron comfortable with?
20 – 2,000. Size, in this case, does not matter. Joint effort does. If we prepare together, and the people in attendance are open to learning, then the number is not significant.
How do we know Ron is the right speaker for us?
Ron will not take on a presentation engagement where he doesn’t think there is a fit or where achieving success is in doubt. Ron’s repute is more important. Please call immediately for a press kit.
How can Ron effectively consult or speak to more than 20 different industry groups?
Ron is not about the product or service; astute management understands that management competes, not products!

Ron’s real world and work experience has shown him that all confront analogous challenges. Everyone must implement change; to engage and preserve the best people, to serve customers better, install constructive team efforts and adopt technology without losing personal involvement, just to name a few.

Is Ron always a success?
Absolutely! …if the audience is not asleep, inebriated or disgruntled because you scheduled the event during the playoffs, the presentation will be a success. The setup, lighting and the atmosphere also make an incredible difference in the level of success of your program. We will assist you to ensure that those issues are dealt with appropriately in advance.
Can Ron present different programs on the same day?
Yes, Ron has delivered a keynote and then two breakout sessions on diverse topics. This is a great investment for the client.
Is Ron funny?
A comedian, Ron is not; but entertaining, you bet! Although typically the audience is given plenty to laugh at. His real-life anecdotes and learning examples are presented in an amusing approach.
Is Ron an author?
Yes, his newest book, Build Your Career 1805 Street Smart Strategies To Never Be Unemployed or Underemployed In Any Economy has been endorsed by Brian Tracy, one of the world’s most renown authors and motivational speakers, James Malinchak, featured on ABC’s hit T.V. show, “Secret Millionaire”, and Henry Camp, CEO, Idea, L.L.C. and America’s leading expert on the “Theory of Constraints”. Additionally, Ron has written numerous articles and achievement programs for business owners, career growth with the focus on ‘achievement’.

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