Driven by Results…Guided by Experience

Ron has successfully founded, owned and operated businesses in distribution, sales, retail, and manufacturing. Ron has helped clients across the United States in as many as 20 different industries.

Because of Ron’s extensive business experience, both with his own companies and as a consultant to dozens of others, Ron has developed a collaborative method of consulting and program development, e.g. utilizing existing client company personnel and resources to install enhanced skills and processes.

All work is designed to meet specific client objectives with defined results, contributing to the client’s effectiveness with customers and organizational profitability; and without additional resources, but instead redeploying existing strengths, resources and talent.

Sample Project Services:

  • Turn-around – Business Management and Operational Plans and Implementation to ensure profitable success
  • Organizational Development – Process and work flow design coupled with constructive cultural implementation
  • Workshop / Training Course Design – educational programs in topics ranging from territory management to presentation skills or other talent enhancement program for improvement
  • Strategy Formulation – Strategy, Driving Force and Tactic development and implementation
  • Service and Quality Deliverables – we designed a program developing the need for greater emphasis on customer service and relationships, and the pragmatic business results that can be achieved from the “intangible” parts of the business
  • Human Resource Strategy – we evaluate capabilities and responsibilities as they relate to corporate goals, and then assist in the design of a comprehensive human resource strategy which focuses on measurable attainment of high-priority objectives, subsequently resulting in a direct correlation between human resource interventions and corporate results
  • Re-engineering – we work with senior management to assess and establish the appropriate management structure and staffing to meet the projected customer needs of the future. Once identified, we introduce team-building, individual skills-building and customer assessment devices to implement the organization

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