Business Analysis Service

The Business Analyst meets with you, the client, in the privacy of your offices to determine needs and other challenges from your perspective.

At the conclusion of the analysis, a discoveries meeting will be held with you.

The Analysis Report will provide the benefits of:

diamond   prove-up documentation of problems and ‘leaks in the bucket’
diamond   revealing unknown or neglected profit opportunities intrinsic to your business
diamond   presenting recommendations to quickly improve efficiencies and profitability, and
diamond  defining the investment required to accomplish the desired improvements.

Areas of critique and subsequent services may include…

Principal / Executive Management

  • Operating Policies / Procedures
  • Period Business Profit Plan
  • Capital / Equity and Balance Sheet
  • Notes and Lines of Credit
  • Alternative Source Funding
  • Term Strategic Planning
  • Acquisition / Expansion / Growth

Economic Research

  • Break-Even Analysis
  • Product/Service Planning/Development

Finance and Administration

  • Operating Statement
  • Real Time Deviation Analysis
  • Cash Flow Planning and Utilization
  • Cost Centers / Expense Control
  • Work and Document Flow
  • Transactional Productivity
  • Document / Data Support
  • Purchasing Procedures
  • Inventory and Specifications Controls
  • Product / Service Value
Corporate Culture

  • Team/Department Function
  • Reports/Information/Data/Relationship

Human Resources

  • Policy Manual
  • Position Description/Acknowledgement
  • Task and Duty Concurrence
  • Performance Enhancement Training
  • Performance Evaluations and Coaching
  • Documentation

Marketing and Sales

  • Strategic Market
  • Business Intelligence
  • Plan Development and Implementation
  • Personnel Selection and Training
  • Motivation and Compensation Agenda
  • Customer Growth/Retention
  • Quality / Service Program

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