Over the years, I’ve discovered, even in myself that skills and desire are two different things.  I have had the talent or ability to do something, but didn’t possess enough drive or desire to get it done – like running a half marathon.  Or, when I have had a true desire to get something done, but didn’t possess the required skill-set or right approach – like writing a book.

The right approach and desire to ‘achieve’ is more powerful than……any lack of skills.  Why, skills can be acquired, e.g. my book (5 Street Smart Strategies to Never Be Unemployed or Underemployed in Any Economy), is published and available on my website, Amazon and at bookstores.

You can’t treat a skills shortfall in the same way you’d treat a desire shortfall.  You know the famous question: Could you do it if your life depended on it?  Well, my life didn’t depend on getting that book published…or, did it?  Nonetheless, my right approach and desire to achieve this goal was more powerful than any skills I may have lacked.  Because of my right approach and powerful desire, I sought and acquired the skills necessary (BYC 180 chapter 3).

I believe there are three main fundamentals in achieving any desired goal.

1. Knowing what to do and why to do it: An example would be to effectively engage with a prospective customer, in order to deliver a product or service beating the competition and to grow your career and widen the gap between your compensation and value.

2. Knowing how to do it: With the potential customer, you would pursue a trusting relationship, demonstrate personal value and then achieve agreement on doing business together.

3. The desire to achieve: You gotta wanna!  There has to be a hunger to succeed in your career that overpowers fears and self-image.  If I never run a half marathon, it’s not the end of the world, and if you don’t make a sale to a given prospect, no one is going to put you in jail.

I can coach people on exactly what to do and why to do it; and I am very valuable at teaching the required skills to achieve it.  http://americasachievementcoach.com/coaching.  However, I often find people unwilling.  They don’t pick up the phone, don’t ask the challenging questions, don’t confront poor reasoning, and don’t market themselves appropriately (BYC 180 chapter one).

So, the job promotion is won by someone else and the sale goes to the competition.  You may chalk it up to poor skills, inadequate direction, or even bad luck.  But when this happens more than once, it’s almost certain it’s about allowing fears to undermine a skills shortfall, not having the right approach and not having a powerful desire.

“Achievement is an accurate reflection of approach and desire.”

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