Are we are running out of eagles?  We seem to be over run with parrots who are content to sit safely in their cubical and repeat the hunkered down party line.  We are fast becoming overpopulated with bright-colored parrots with soft under-bellies, big beaks, and little heads.  What we need is more keen-eyed, wide-winged leaders willing to soar out and up, exploring the unlimited ranges of innovation, growth and profitability.

Parrot thinkers are very different from eagle thinkers.  Parrots like to stay in the same cage, pick over the same pan of seeds, fit in and listen to the same topics of conversation, i.e. Hollywood gossip, etc.  They like lots of attention via social media and they’ll stay for years on the same perch receiving the strokes they get from their mutual admiration society.

No, not eagles; they enjoy thinking.  They are driven with an inner urge to learn, they’re courageous, tough-minded, willing to ask the hard questions and pursue the truth.  And unlike the intellectually deprived parrot, eagles take risks.

Today, we could name some, but they are increasingly rare, as the ‘entertain me’ value of the public dominates those who say, ‘make me think!’  Have you become victim to a similar mind-set? Do you find yourself contentedly sitting on your perch, rather than longing for the skies?  Business today is in desperate need of eagles.  Think about it.

So, which will it be?  If you like being a parrot, stay put.  But if you’re an eagle at heart, what are you doing on that perch?  Do you have any idea how greatly you’re needed to soar and explore?  Do you realize how out of place you are inside that cage?  I’ve never heard anybody ask, “Eagle want a cracker?”

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