No one can predict the future, but you can influence it. — Ron Hequet

What if I developed a plan to drive the performance of an $8M company up by 4+ points, gaining an additional $320K of profit? Can you translate the value of that service into dollars per hour?

Not if I’ve done my job well! You can never compensate some services using an hourly rate.

You see, it’s all about value—the present value my clients receive, and the future benefits my clients reap from implementing a customized plan of success. That is the core of effective career coaching.

Take the Fear and Guesswork Out of Moving Forward

By taking the fear and guesswork out of moving forward, you can make progress towards your dreams and goals. It’s going to cost you something, but I guarantee you, it’s worth the price.

Not long ago, I coached a young man determined to break through to a higher level of career advancement and earning potential. Making $40K a year and owing nearly half that amount in debt, He faced personal and financial challenges that threatened to disrupt everything for which he had worked.

We discussed his ambitions…and his financial situation. We then agreed upon a fee commensurate with the value I could deliver and the benefits he would receive. He weighed the cost and then made an investment in his future—one that would yield a lifetime of dividends.

Invest in Your Future

That first step—the decision to invest in his future—propelled him from just thinking he could succeed, to knowing he could. Career coaching worked for him.

Can career coaching work for you? It can and will, when you begin with these steps.

1. Admit you have a problem. 

So many of us are in denial about why we aren’t moving up the career ladder. We blame our boss, co-workers, or the company culture. It’s everybody’s problem…except ours. Go ahead. Admit that you have a problem. If you don’t admit it, no one can help you.

2. Understand that you need help fixing the problem. 

Some call it “paralysis by analysis.” You’ve recognized a problem, you want to solve it, but you’re stuck at the crossroads of indecision. No clear path presents itself, and the things you’ve tried have led to nowhere. It’s ok to ask for help. No one succeeds alone.

3. Pay the price to resolve the problem. 

Can you imagine sports legends Phil Mickelson, RG III, or Anna Kournikova (who have had multiple coaches and trainers) making that selection based on cost? Absolutely not! They base their success on a body of work—the value and confidence the coach can and will deliver.

By the time a client and I have consulted with each other and finally accepted one other, success is certain, because we have jointly committed to an end result.

No one can predict the future, but you can influence it. Think about the commitment you’ve made to pushing yourself closer to your goals. Is it more training, more coaching, more education…?

Whatever it is, do it now. I guarantee you, it’s worth the price!


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