“Change in behavior cannot take place without a change in belief.”  – Ron Hequet

It’s true—we determine our character by what we are on the inside, not by how we appear on the outside.  Even criminals dress well. Our goal should be to work on our inner selves.

You can begin by changing the way you think. Keep at it until something transformational happens. It will. With your change in belief comes a change in behavior.

As you change how you think about your role in life, you should begin to develop confidence that you can accomplish whatever you want to achieve. You can be a winner! Feelings do not power this belief; fact supports it. As you gain confidence in yourself and your ability to achieve, nothing can stop you.

Feelings Drive Most People

Today, feelings and emotions drive most people. They disregard facts and make decisions based upon how they feel.

I teach my career coaching clients to apply an approach driven by action and not by feelings. They graduate with the ability to deliver more value on the job than their co-workers. They become more valuable to their employers and achieve greater heights in their careers.

Acting on feelings alone limits your ability to make consistent and gainful contributions to others.

For example, let’s say you don’t feel like running errands for your elderly aunt. She is unappreciative, overbearing, and constantly complains.  And she always reminds you that you are not good enough. Who would feel like doing anything for someone like that?  But because she is not capable of doing certain things, you must act and do the right thing regardless of how you feel.

Even married couples do not always feel in love.  In fact, many marriages are hanging on by a thread.  One or both parties have not acted in a way that creates a feeling of love.  The fact that neither wants to take the initiative and act first, makes the situation even worse.  If one would just recognize that love is a verb, believe that action is the remedy, and then act, the feelings of love will follow.  The stalemate will end. They both will win!

Fact is Power

Fact is the power that drives truth and reality. If you believe and act on fact, the desired feelings will follow. You do not have to force it.

However, if you choose to put your needs first and take a hard stance against the facts, that is not a winner’s attitude. Wrong feelings inevitably result, leading to wrong thinking, and ultimately wrong action.

To alter this self-centered, losing position, I use the “I am a winner” action affirmations.  The list below is certainly not exhaustive, so add any that apply to you.

1.   I solved a problem
2.   I helped someone who had a need
3.   I donated to a charity and no one knows
4.   I know I made a difference today with no reward
5.   I taught someone how to do something
6.   I brought a smile to someone’s face
7.   I told the truth today
8.   I completed a goal
9.   I am more healthy than most
10. I am a winner

Act Like A Winner

Speaking these affirmations daily is useful. Doing what they say changes lives—yours included. If you act like a winner, you will begin to believe it. Then you will begin to feel like a winner.

It works the other way around too. To feel like a winner, accept the fact that you are a winner. Believe you are a winner, and you will act like a winner.

There is no shortage of “wannabes,” but that does not have to describe you. Winners always do more than required. Winners always give more than they receive. Act like a winner…and you will bring out the winner in you.



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