Last Come, First Served:

On yet another flight but the same seat, third row bulk-head, the Stewardess who had previously taken our lunch orders (option of salmon or rubber chicken), served my row last. Although it makes no difference to me, for some reason I was told that when flying north, they serve back to front. Go figure. She served my salmon and just before she served my seat mate the chicken he ordered, she said, “Since this is the last chicken, I need to see if the pilot or co-pilot would like to have it.” She spun on her heals and headed for the cockpit. My seat mate and I stared at each other in total disbelief. Everyone in the cabin had their meal except my seat mate, who was held in suspense as to whether or not he would even be served, or what he would be served. The Stewardess returned and said, “They didn’t want it, so you can have it.” Our astonishment remained for the remainder of the flight, not believing what we had just witnessed. Like cell phones, another example of ‘last come, first served’.

Say something, complain – to whom? The union protected flight crews for the most part (admittedly there are certainly exceptions), could care less whether you and I have a truly pleasing experience or not. And at this time when the numbers of flights are being diminished, people are being laid off and the airlines are teetering on insolvency, you would think everyone would be doing what ever it takes to deliver a wonderful experience no matter what.

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