At the U.S. Open Golf Championship this past summer, Jim Furyk did his best ‘not to lose’ and he ended up doing exactly that, losing.  Why, I believe it’s because he didn’t try to win, even though he had the lead.

Leading late in the 4th quarter, NFL teams almost always go into what’s called a ‘prevent defense’.  This strategy is intended to allow the challenger to gain some forward progress, but not to score.  The team with the lead, instead of sticking to the aggressive playing tactics that generated the lead in the first place, allows the opponent to move the ball enough to score and to win the game.

Under-achievers in sales try not to lose business instead of aggressively expanding it.  They expose themselves to unwarranted transactions from a competitor, usually at lower prices and with more services delivered than is required.  They sunder off hat in hand, instead of being across the desk, face-to-face with the buyer.

Too many people conduct their career in a manner that attempts to avoid anything bad happening, never taking even the judicious risk.  These same people get run over by the people racing by them.  Since when is ‘hunkering down’, a way to lead your life or career, in any economy?

If you always gamble only on the ‘sure-thing’, you’ll lose. No one is going to take their business or career to a more profitable level by staying off the radar screen. Trophies aren’t won by those who preserve a crisp, clean uniform.  No, victory is achieved by those who get dirty and sometimes bloodied, because they got into the fight.

I would never suggest that you bet the ranch on the turn of a card.  But I will say that unless you have a personal strategy and corresponding plan, and maintain aggressive play in the horse race, you will be relegated to the ‘also-rans’; those waiting on promotion through attrition or for ‘things to turn around’.  Did those also-ran horses even go out to stud?

In my soon to be released book, “The Profit and Cash Employee”© and my new coaching program being launched in two months, I show you exactly the system that will get you to the “Winners Circle™”.  Always remember, if you’re not trying to win, you’re going to lose.

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