Affirmations Are Not Out Of Style

 Once on a flight to Chicago my seatmate asked what I did for a living. When I told him I was a consultant, a business motivational speaker and coach he replied, “I don’t believe in motivation, it doesn’t last.”  The flight attendant who was serving us lunch said, “A bath doesn’t last either but it’s still important.”

Of course motivation doesn’t last, nor does a meal, feelings, exercise, the aforementioned bath and many, many other things, but they still have value.  However, motivation needsto be applied judiciously.  It’s not about just generating an energy high around a wish or getting ‘pumped’ about something you want.  Motivation is about moving on purpose.

Affirmations seem to have gone out of style but I still employ the technique twice or more a day.  The need to motivate my subconscious has not gone out of style and is working every minute of everyday and will continue to do so until I pass.  The two most important times of day for speaking, reading and visualizing motivating affirmations is just before going to sleep and immediately upon waking the next morning.  It’s not as effectual but repeating affirmations throughout the day helps as well.  Why, because motivation wears off, just like the bath the stewardess referred to.

It is true that there is a natural law of the subconscious whereby, in doing this, I actually attract it to myself.  But unlike what the film “The Secret” suggests, it requires movement.  Motivation without moving on purpose is like the bath; its value disappears rather quickly.

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