While reading an article about the lowering of the morale bar in the United States, I was reminded by the article that I grew up with the ideals of Roy and Dale, and many that came after, grew up with the ideals of Oprah and Rosie.

There is someone reading this who can say, ‘Wait a minute Mr. Hypocrite, I knew you when…’. And yes, and they would be correct. Every day I regret all the times when I was less than the exemplars of my youth, and not living up to the standards I had set for myself as a parent, husband or citizen. The good news; I am still alive with decades to go (if it be His will) and I get to recommit my mind and heart to what’s right.

Memorial Day, July 4th, and other related U.S. days of remembrance often cause me to also recall that many years ago I was asked a few times; Mr. Ron, when you returned from the war, did anyone try to spit on you? (which was common at that time). I am not physically intimidating, but one look in my eyes gave the answer to the question and would convince a spitter to reconsider. If you would like to see the difference for returning soldiers today please watch this video.

Considering the time we live in today, this July 4th especially inspires me to keep on keeping on. That look in my eye is back, and I will continue to ‘stand’ for the ideals of Roy and Dale as a man, and the framers of the Declaration of Independence as a citizen.

I invite you to stand as well. The alternative to liberty is a type of death, and that is exactly their intent. Who? Watch

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