You’ve seen them. Employees staring into space, watching the clock, heads resting in their hands.  These are signs of the same ailment that afflicts too many employees—disinterest and disengagement.

Lack of Engagement

The lack of engagement affects many organizations. What’s interesting is that we can link disengagement directly to management and how employees feel about management. Therefore, it is the responsibility of managers to deal with this problem.

Tips For Increasing Engagement

Without effective communication and opportunities for development, employees become less engaged and more complacent.  Here are some proven tips to turn a disengaged, apathetic employee into a productive member of the team.

1) Include employees in decision making.

When you solicit your employees’ ideas and then act on them, it increases their perceived and actual value to the company. You hired your staff because they brought a set of needed skills with them. Give them a chance to show you what they know.

2) Give employees hands-on training.

Encourage your employees’ participation in training and development programs. In many instances, unmotivated staff lack enthusiasm because they are poorly trained or have unclear job duties. As your staff learns to better perform their jobs, have them create goals and objectives that reinforce the training they have received.

3) Motivate behind-the-scenes staff.

Not everyone performs duties that garner the limelight. You should remind staff working in those seemingly lesser roles how their jobs contribute to the company’s bottom line. After all, an organization is only as good as the weakest link in the chain. As a manager, supervisor, or leader in your company, your job is to strengthen your organization.

4) Recognize accomplishments, both large and small.

Recognize achievement publicly, and perhaps with a little fanfare. When an employee performs well, make it widely known. Announce it in a meeting. Send a departmental or company-wide email. Have a special lunch or an afternoon snack break to celebrate. Above all, encourage your employees to share the secrets of their success. Try to get the recognized behavior and actions to spread throughout your organization.

5) Manage by being there.

Get out of your office and allow your staff to have a conversation with you.  You can’t improve performance if you don’t understand why performance is lagging. Observe, communicate, and reciprocate. Your employees will respect you for it.

Employee Engagement

A lack of employee engagement contributes to higher turnover, so avoid this malady at all costs. Provide feedback, communicate clearly and regularly, and create opportunities for training and growth. Everyone in your organization benefits from this strategy.

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