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7 Points To ‘Hair of The Dog’

Everyone gets ‘jazzed’ over management concepts, right? I don’t think so. But most of us should, and nonetheless can benefit from such old or new information whether we apply the principles at home or work. If organizations, teams, any group with a common purpose, even individuals are to avoid becoming stagnate they must invest in a bit of the ‘Hair of The Dog’, to replenish and stay fresh.

Many, many years ago, I found it imperative, not only for myself but for the entire organization at large, to always stay fresh, investing in applicable knowledge – continually moving. Here are some key points to consider, and implement.

1. Map an organizational structure to ‘the way it is’, not the way ‘it is supposed to be’, and then assure that the fences of internal structure are indestructible, but flexible. (Many organizations have a model intended to function with work flow situations that no longer exist)
2. Policies and procedures don’t apply, re-write them to fit the way it’s supposed to be and then teach, implement and enforce them.
3. Avoid the trap of a vested interest of the minority.
4. Celebrate individual achievement.
5. Ensure an atmosphere where questions are welcome.
6. The best organizations operate on desire, principle, and a written plan.
7. The P&L is not evidence of current or future performance.

To paraphrase my earlier statement: If organizations or individuals are not to become stagnant, they must renew themselves to stay continually fresh.
Think about that and then review those seven statements in that light…then take a little ‘Hair of The Dog’ as your own medicine.

We should always be more focused on what we are going to become than what we have been.

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