Greetings: This first blog entry turned out to be much more difficult than I had anticipated. I have written and rewritten this several times; naturally wanting to impress you and keep you coming back. Then I thought, ah, the heck with that. How about between the thousands, hundreds, dozens or maybe the two of us (assuming at least one person reads this) we just understand that what will appear here is first from my heart and with some occasional humor, since I try not taking myself too seriously, will intend to inform, entertain and educate.

Since the times in which we live, especially the last year and half or so, has caused me to reassess many aspects of my personal and professional career, I have planned and installed the new plan for both.

On balance, as a Management Consultant, I have served as the catalyst of change for many a business. I have found very little difference between the processes of personal change as compared to professional change. I believe they are interrelated. Why is this change / improvement so hard…the ‘yes’ versus the ‘no’ inside of us. Improvement does not occur by making a wish. No, a plan is called for. Someone once said, a plan that is not written down is a dream. In addition to a plan, is approach or rather your attitude towards the plan. Positive ‘yes’ kind of people will find putting the plan in action a welcome challenge.

President Thomas Jefferson and a group of associates were traveling on horseback. Because of a lot of recent rain just prior to that trip, a river they wanted to cross was overflowing its banks and had washed the bridge away. Consequently, each rider was forced to cross on horseback, struggling to stay up because of the rapid currents. Each could have died from drowning, when a passerby, who was not part of the group, arrived at the washed out bridge about the same time. He waited and watched. Although he saw that many had jumped in and made it to the other side, he was still afraid. The stranger immediately asked President Jefferson if he would carry him across the river. The President, without indecision said yes. The stranger climbed on, and they made it to safety on the other side. After the stranger slid off the back of the horse, someone in the President’s group asked him, “Why did you pick President Jefferson to ask to take you across the river?” The stranger was amazed. He said “I didn’t know it was the President. I chose him because some of your faces said ‘no,’ and some faces said ‘yes.’ His was a ‘yes’ face.”
I don’t know anything that will influence change in ourselves or those around us like the decision to be a ‘yes’ person. This decision will not only change our hearts and minds, but also our face. We are drawn to ‘yes’ faces. And some of us are overdue for a face change!
When it comes to transformation (code for improvement), no one can tell you to change, in fact most of us show antipathy towards the idea. However, if you are conscious of who you are or who you have become and have even a modest level of an innate desire to live to your full potential, being the best you can be (no, it’s not corny), then change must be dealt with. This is not an impossible stumbling block for the ‘yes’ person.

My recent personal and professional change decisions as it turned out, was fairly easy. I simply applied my business planning skills to my personal goals, e.g. reestablished a workout routine, adjusted my sleep schedule and altered my diet, etc. Am I perfect in each category, no? But that’s alright; I just get back on track, because the light ahead of me is not a train.

Professional change…I beseech you to not think that I am being prideful when I say that my business acumen has at its core the drive to always be learning, staying current and relevant. I have spent 160 plus hours within the last year on seeking and implementing knowledge that is of value to clients. On site seminars, workshops, teleconferences, webinars, reading and studying; combined with a couple of decades of business ownership in multiple industries and ‘yes’, the result is pragmatic but creative; driven by results…guided by experience.

I hope you check in with me frequently. My willingness to share a sort of diary with you has me stoked. My travel and work, as well as the episodes of Sergeant Poppa, Woodrow, Cheyenne and Blackjack will keep you rapt.

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