While on a plane, I read an article written by a futurist.  In the article he claimed that in the near 10 to 15 years, employment opportunities would be about ‘credentials’.  I believe he is totally wrong.  Most of the time, the more initials I see behind someone’s name, the more suspect I become.  In fact, a few years ago, I stopped using the initials behind my name for that very reason (except when it was legally pertinent).  Of course futurists are never held accountable for their predictions, i.e. Y2K, end of the world, etc.  I believe that the future will be about aptitude, passion and proven competence.

Home schooling has demonstrated that placing our children in, mediocre at best, mills of public education isn’t obligatory and may not even be suitable.  There once was a distinct advantage to having a degree over just a high school diploma.  Now there are those who want to ensure that everyone goes to college and obtains a degree.  How valuable will it be after everyone has one?

I believe that skilled measurements will replace diplomas, e.g. can you do this job and achieve these results?  Not standardized tests, but demonstrations of competence.  Resumes indicate ‘5 years of experience’.  Having been an employer most of my life, that usually translates to ‘5 years of getting by’.  If not, why are you applying for the same job here, or why hasn’t your current employer advanced you?

For example, if you can perform well as an insurance underwriter, how would a formal degree help?  People get promoted at work based upon outstanding performance, widening the gap between your compensation and value, not more initials behind your name.  This is clearly explained in my new book “Build Your Career 180, 5 Street Smart Strategies To Never Be Unemployed or Underemployed In Any Economy, available on this website http://americasachievementcoach.com/achievement-store or Amazon and other outlets.

My firm, Actum Consulting (the name has changed a couple of times over the years) is blessed to celebrate its 19th year on July 1st.  In all those years, I do not recall any client or potential client asking me where I went to school or if I had a degree (I attended well known schools and have degrees).  Why, because I had demonstrated competence as a business owner and management consultant.  I was and am always driven by results…but guided by experience.  I now have also become known as America’s Leading Profit and Cash Strategist.

Let’s admit that too many people are highly educated and incompetent, and many are uneducated and brilliant.

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