No One Gets Out Alive

 I’ll never forget my first pair of new shoes.  They hurt my feet because they were so stiff.  Do you ever get the feeling that life’s a little too stiff, like that new shoe?  Obligations are stacking up and everything is so serious.  Either I can’t get to sleep or wake up at three in the morning and devote the next three hours thinking about everything I have to do or should be doing when I get up, and then stress over the fact that there is ‘no-way’.

So today, instead of a ‘woe is me’ countenance or considering a jump from the nearest high rise, I’m thinking of things that upon reflection make me smile.  If you don’t feel like laughing, hit Alt F4.  However, if you too think it’s helpful to truly laugh or at least smile at some of this silly stuff, then join me by recalling your own list of eye rollers.  Here are a few of mine.

  • When the engine in my car is making noises and acting up, the problem goes away when I drive to the auto repair shop.  The service man stares at me, with the look.
  • I have learned that the odds of the bread falling with the peanut butter and jelly side up, is directly relative to the price of the rug.
  • Only when I return from the meeting will I see that I had a piece of lettuce in my front teeth.
  • I always find what I lost around the house when I buy another.
  • Why do people in the health food store look so unhealthy?
  • When I try to please everyone, it causes nobody to like it.

I feel better already, don’t you?  And there’s a lot more of these when I need them, so don’t sweat the small stuff; in fact, the big stuff isn’t worth it either.  I’m not good at it, but I try not to take my life too seriously.  After all, nobody gets out of this life alive.

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