Like A New Calf In A Pasture

Currently, the stock market is about 500 points from its all-time high.  There will be some up and downs but it’s possible, in my thinking, for it to beat that high before next summer, and have nothing to do with any election or the current down status of any particular industry.

Why because 80% of us have adapted to the adverse economic conditions.  So, your options are to ‘cut’ some more, i.e. costs, staff, etc. or to create a growth strategy and corresponding tactical plan.

There is no alternative to growth.  Growth via cutting budgets, maintaining the hunkered down status quo, or rightsizing (an idiotic label),is not by any definition a path to ‘growth’.

There is nothing hunkered down about deciding to be optimistic, doing the analysis and creating a plan.  Those who will become top career people or organizations that will achieve growth are looking forward, not down or behind.

Consider approaching each day like a new calf in a pasture.  It’s the same pasture as yesterday, but the new day gives opportunity for new grass.  To stand still is today, a sure fire way to miss new grass and who knows, there may be an open gate.

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