Decide To Sail Your Ship In The Vast Ocean Of Achievement

I read where Jack once pointed out that by the time people reach their mid-thirties, they have stopped learning new skills and no longer possess the discipline or know how to be in control of their lives, being moved one way or another by others, the economy or ‘fill in your excuse here’. Does that surprise you? If you’re over thirty, how long has it been since you learned a new skill, or really had a career or life plan? Do you approach a task or obstacle the same way? Does a wild idea or just different challenge you? Have you lost the enthusiasm to try something different and are attached to predictability?

As Jack used to promote, living and learning go hand in hand. Ever see a preschooler have a boring day? To that youngster learning is fun and natural. For most adults it’s a pain. If you are saying, “That’s just the way I am; I can’t change or learn new things,” then you fall into the 95%+ group of adults who only pay lip service to self-growth and improvement.

Now I’m not suggesting you go out and do something with wild abandon, just to prove a point. But I am suggesting that you take life by the throat and achieve mastery over work and life issues that have worried you long enough? Why not broaden yourself in some new way?

Jack is what we call a 1 percenter. He possessed decisive abilities for discipline and results. However, for the rest of us, we need a support system; otherwise there wouldn’t be “the rest of us”. I have had a mentor / coach for many years. Yes, even America’s Achievement Coach has a coach If there is anything and I mean anything you want to change about your career or life in general, it ain’t gonna happen without the guidance, accountability and vision of a personal coach. The “rest of us” have good intentions and the 1 percenters, invest in themselves. Who or what’s better to invest in?

If you can make a decision and act now, not tomorrow, you can keep the concrete of predictability from setting up around you. But, if the risks of sailing your ship in the vast ocean of achievement make you seasick, you’d better stay near the shallow shores of security. Concrete sinks fast.

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