Think and Believe You’re a Winner

The First Step to Career Success



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ou can only achieve success in your career by thinking and believing in yourself, your skill set and that you are a winner and destined to achieve your career strategy.  You must apply self-affirmations every day, telling yourself that you are a winner.  Do this consistently and you will soon be confident in believing in yourself.

Imperative Tactic: Write the following on an index card and tape it to your bathroom mirror.

I am a winner and will achieve career success

Throughout your time getting ready for work, repeat this affirmation over and over.  Do it every day for 21 days.  Why 21?  It is a well-known psychological fact, discovered during the civil war.  It takes at least 21 days to establish a habit and belief.

“When a man puts a limit on what he’s willing to do, it isn’t long before that becomes a limit to what he’s able to do.” – Bill Moomey

Achieving your career success is to a great extent dependent upon what you think and believe about yourself.  If you believe you’re a winner…you are!

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