It’s Not Your Mom’s Fault


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One of my favorite film scenes is from the movie ‘Moonstruck’ when Cher slaps Nicholas Cage twice, shouting, “Get over it!”, or Bob Newhart in his famous skit as a therapist advising his patient, “Stop it!”

Do you spend an exorbitant amount of cash on therapy sessions trying to get rid of ‘baggage’ that you think is affecting your ability to perform professionally, to maintain relationships or to deal effectively with life’s challenges?  Is it your mother’s fault?

My observations of successful career people have this trait in common: Achievers invest themselves.  They don’t think of themselves as victims.  They don’t portray themselves as captive by their child rearing.  They create positive change for themselves; they’re winners, the 3%ers.

Some people can stop smoking, some can’t.  Some people can lose weight, some can’t.  Some people can comfortably speak in public, some can’t.  Some people can control their fears, some can’t.

The difference isn’t in your DNA, toilet training, or being a child raised by a village.  That requires loving parents, not a village or other municipality.  The difference is in one’s self-discipline, organization, determination and in your self-accountability.

Support systems are wonderful, loving families and compassionate friends, but the primary support system is between your ears.  To claim that you were damaged as a child, can’t work in certain environments or need special attention just to get by, is commonly just an excuse not to change or grow.  You might as well say, “The devil made me do it.”

Once you reach career age, even with only basic education and have the ability to observe what works for others, i.e. hard work, learning new skills, building relationships, etc., you should be able to ‘get over’ and / or ‘stop’ whatever it is that’s hindering you.  If others can achieve and advance, you can.

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If you don’t and won’t, then you have only yourself to blame.  It’s not your Mom’s fault.

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