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Predicting Net Pre-Tax Profit is difficult at best for most business owners, let alone after deciding on a number, knowing how to make it happen. Review the development of a “Business Profit Plan” and learn how to operate with the confidence that “it” will happen. With no increase in prices, examine two issues that affect the plan, 1) Expense Creep and 2) Dealing with Disinflation.

Who should attend:
Business owners, COO’s, managers or any employee with budget planning responsibility, including CFO’s, CPA’s, controllers, accountants and planning directors.

How you will benefit:

• Learn how to develop a department and company “Plan for Profit”.
• Find out how to translate management decisions into part of the plan.
• Study how to manage the department and company “to the numbers”.
• Make a greater contribution to your organization.

What you will cover:

• Key elements to the “Planning for Profit” process; integrating management’s goals and matching costs and expense controls to revenue levels.
• Restructuring the Profit and Loss statement.
• Developing a Deviation Analysis report in real time.

Know the Bottom Line Before the Year Begins ©

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