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Do you talk to yourself negatively?  I have the good fortune of coaching people who are driven to be in the ‘Winners Circle’™ and in control of their own careers.  Yet, I find myself sometimes needing to lift their spirits, serving as a life jacket in the stormy sea of their career.  I hear people say out loud…

“I could never envision myself…”
“Why would they listen to me…”
“There’s no way I could…”
“I can’t…”

This negative self-talk, often articulated aloud, and creates the wrong momentum.  An object that’s not in motion tends to remain motionless.  It’s the same with your career.  I hear this from people who, on the surface, one would never consider being tentative or self-doubting.

Maybe this comes from a false sense of modesty, a healthy dose of guilt, or a dislike for perceived self-pride.  Do you feel you deserve immediate respect, or esteem for your talent, or high regard for your accomplishments.  We have all been taught not to ‘show off’ and to be considerate of others feelings.  But if you restrict yourself to the lowest common denominator, you create a mediocre, very average life.

Many trade and professional associations seem to have a goal of making every member as successful as their least successful member.  No one is allowed to shine, despite merits, and create low bars for recognition, i.e. an award for just showing up, very popular in grade school.

You don’t really benefit by your renouncing your worth, your achievements, your talents.  You actually deny those around us (team members, employer, etc.), the benefit of your potential contributions because you hide them instead of market them, downplay them instead of assert them.

Do you think or make a positive by forgoing the negative, e.g., “You won’t have a bad time there”, and instead of saying “You’ll really enjoy it.”  Stop thinking or saying, “You could do worse than hiring me” or “I’m not the best but far from the worst.”

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