How to Achieve Your Sales and Income Goals

Self-Discipline Keys


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There are specific keys for you to achieve your sales and income goals, and it’s simple.  It’s imperative to break your sales goals down into step-by-step activities that will be required to achieve your goals.

You can’t always control the sale itself because sales can go sideways for many reasons, but you can control the activities which inevitably lead to those sales by the law of 80 / 20.  And the more precise you are about the activities, the more likely you will accomplish your sales and income goals.  Allow me to present an exercise for you to complete in order to break down your goals into the precise required activities you have to do to achieve each one of them.

First, begin by writing down your sales volume and income goals.  How much do you want to sell, and how many sales will you have to make in order to achieve your income goal?  Calculate what you earn per sale, and divide that into your personal income goal.

EX: Let’s say your personal income goal is $50,000 over the next 12 months.  You make $500 per sale, so you’ll have to make 100 sales or the equivalent depending on sales margin variables.

Next, based on past experience or other current factors calculate and write down the number of contacts you’ll have to make.

EX: If you typically have to call on approximately 15 prospective or current clients / customers before closing a sale, you’ll have to make 1,500 calls.  Here’s an important point: track, record your call activity every day so that you can compare actual daily activity to planned daily activity.  Obviously…not meeting planned activity, means you will fall short of your goals.

How many presentations will you need to make to close those 100 sales?

EX: If typically you have to make three presentations to close one sale.  That means you need to make 300 presentations to make 100 sales.  Write it down.

What about the number of proposals?  Well, one of your prospective clients / customers out of three actually buys your product / service, and the other two want proposals; therefore you need to prepare for providing 200 proposals.

And lastly, break down the above calculations into how many prospective or current clients / customers you’ll have to contact every day in order to achieve your goals daily, weekly, and monthly.

If you calculate and break it down as I’ve described, then the first thing you do Monday morning at eight o’clock is to do the required activities to meet your plan.  Your responsibility is to achieve your pre-planned numbers.  If you attain your planned activity every single day I can assure you that you’re going to reach your sales and income goal every week and every month.

Know that you’ll have some above sales plan weeks and below sales plan weeks as well as high months and low months, but overall, you’ll achieve your goals consistently.

Warning; don’t make the big mistake of deceiving yourself when you don’t achieve your planned activity on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, and then say to yourself, “I’ll really pour it on Thursday and Friday”.  Then on Friday you work a couple of hours and then quit saying to yourself, “I’ll work twice as hard next week.”  When you allow that to happen, you’ll get further and further behind.  The achievement keys to success in sales (since you’re working on your own much of the time), is to hold your own feet to the fire.

One top salesman with one of my business clients told me that when he arrives at work that he would refuse to allow himself to have a cup of coffee, until he achieved making five calls.  Next, he wouldn’t allow himself to have lunch until he had scheduled two appointments or made five more calls.  He maintained self-discipline.

If you start missing lunch and feeling that hunger because you procrastinated and wasted time all morning, you’ll wise up real fast.  Stop fooling around and you’ll get in there in the morning realizing that lunch is at stake.

Always break down your sales and income goals into the required key activities to achieve them.  Once you’ve calculated and are aware of what needs to be done and see it in writing, you’ll have no excuse not to achieve success.

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