When establishing and growing your brand, employees are an important resource. After all, they engage with your customers every day.

Ultimately, their support is vital to your brand’s reputation and your company’s continued productivity. Therefore, it’s important to keep your staff aligned with your company’s brand. 

So, how do you ensure your employees are communicating your brand’s intent?

Here are five simple ways:

1. Clarify Your Brand’s Vision

Conduct staff meetings to explain your branding vision with your entire team. In this way, employees get the opportunity to offer feedback. Likewise, you can meet any concerns head-on.

2. Ensure Staff Alignment 

From the beginning, develop a team of brand supporters. Recruit talent whose skill-set can support the development of your brand. Make brand identity a key component in all employee training programs.

3. Energize Your Team

Let employees know you are committed to delivering on your brand. Then try this. Give them the authority to do so as well within their roles.  Encourage creativity in how to manifest the brand within their functions.  As a result, you will draw them in, and they will be proud of what the brand really means.

4. Give Recognition and Praise

Give incentives to those who take extra steps to reinforce your brand with customers. Offer awards, prizes, time off, and recognition at company gatherings. Often, recognition is unrated and underused. However, you’ll find that regular and sincere praise is an inexpensive and effective motivator.

5. Quantify Results

You can learn plenty by soliciting feedback from your customers. Therefore, ask your front line staff to pass on the conversations they have with customers.  In addition, verify that your staff is communicating your brand values by checking with current and prospective customers.

If your employees respect your organization and your brand, that message will radiate to your customers. Moreover, it will show up in your company’s profitability and productivity.

Ron Hequet Consultant Speaker Coach

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