When hard economic times arise for a company, how should a good leader act?  Without affecting core strategy, a good leader should effectively adjust business plans to accommodate current difficulties and future scenarios.

If you intend to make your marketing and sales talent bear the brunt of creating a strategy to pull you out of your financial hole, think twice.  Their expertise is increasing market share and growth.  Your job is to focus on creating a written plan that results in the implementation of tactics to market and sell your company out of hard times.

You may think this doesn’t sound easy, and you’re right. Leadership is hard…and it should be! Not everyone wants to or is capable of leading. However, you will find that talent performs best for leaders who possesses the following traits.

1. They Exhibit Calm

Truly powerful people have an air of calm about them.  This helps those around them act more rationally and be more successful pushing the organization through hard times.  Talent prefers working with a leader who is in control of their emotions.  If you exhibit calmness at all times, it will become your nature.

2. They Take Time

People, who think they need to make decisions quickly, make too many mistakes.  An untested leader may find this difficult to accept.  The ability to make a well-thought out and informed decision is invaluable. Don’t be stampeded into making a bad one.

3. They Know How to Attract a Great Team

Good leaders surround themselves with team members who know more than they know.  If you acknowledge and give the team full credit for their ideas and pay them well, you will encourage allegiance.  Almost all managers will admit this is true. However, for many reasons, they don’t follow through by surrounding themselves with the best possible talent. Today is a great time to reassess the skills and contributions of those you currently have on board.  Ask yourself this question: “Is he or she the future?”

Implementing these leadership traits and tactics for achievement, will help you become a better leader.  If using them doesn’t feel authentic, don’t let that concern you.  Deal with it by taking this recommended tip. Listen to the coach, apply his counsel, and then prepare and practice often.

Ron Hequet Consultant Speaker Coach

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